amethyst the master healer combine with shungite

amethyst is called a master healing stone one of the first to be carried around as a talisman the romans thought this stone to be protective against drinking to much

amethyst Geodes normally are no bigger than a football,  some can form very large. These geodes are one point two metres high they were excavated from rocks in Southern Brazil near the border with Uruguay. also citrine comes from Brazil another good stone with amethyst is shungite


 geodes consist of a hollow rock lined with crystals. The geodes form from gas that was trapped the earth millions of years ago.  Later, hot mineralised solutions permeated into the hollow cavity and deposited crystals.



most are quartz based. The purple coloured quartz is called amethyst. The colour mainly comes from iron and manganese that is altered by natural radiation to give the purple colour.

Another good stone that works with amethyst is shungite

and citrine works very well with amethyst

shungite tumbled

Found primarily in Russia, shungite derived from the village of Shunga in Karelia Russia discovered hundreds of years ago. The story of Shungite begins 2 billion years ago,  Precambrian rocks consisted of some of the earth’s earliest oil deposits. Shallow lagoons near pockets of volcanos in western Russia found to be rich with sediments and algae.An excellent healing crystal always welcome in the healer's toolkit



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