candle quartz cluster

a stunning large cluster of candle quartz from morocco superb crystal formation  called a teaching crystal  size 8.5inch by7 inch

quartz madagascar


  • 2 kg

a superb quality amethyst geode great colour

there are few geodes that come close to the quality of this one a superb lower ridge line of amethyst points growing in formation around the geode the colour ids dark and the crystal growth inside is quite amazing 

26 inch tall 9.5 inch wide and a good 10 inch deep a real beauty  

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quartz with mica

a truly wonderful old soul crystal  this is superb  twinned quartz points with mica growing out the side of the points with feldspar pieces embedded in as well there is so much to look at every time you pick it up the energy is sharp and fantastic  from Brazil 




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smoky quartz flame

this is a wonderful  old large smoky flame cut quartz from Brazil the energy is superb very powerful


a good room cleaning smoky quartz  would suit a healing centre  size 13.5 inches high by 5 inches wide 



flame cut quartz


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amethyst cave

an amethyst  geode a superb shape and deep the crystals are off a good quality the geode is from Brazil a very nice large speciemen

20 inch high by 12 inch wide by 8 inch deep a wonderfully  good home healing centre  a good size 



  • 3 kg

Himalayan quartz ellestial crystal with mica and feldspar

Himalayan quartz Ellestial crystal with mica and feldspar,  Fantastic

stepped crystal, Ellestial sides on this point  full of rainbows,  these crystals

that come from this location are exceptional old souls 

SIZE 9.5 inches long by 4.5 inches Dia



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a quartz bed from the wheal jane mine cornwall

a quartz bed from the wheal jane mine cornwall  one of the last 

beds to come out of the mine before it was flooded  it has 

roughly 16 different minerals in the bed  


to name but a few  SIZE  13inches by 11 inches by approx 3 inches thick 








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