Ammonites first appeared 400 million years ago and became extinct 65 m.y.a. along with the dinosaurs, The largest ammonite fossils can sometimes reach 2 metres in diameter,  Fossilised ammonites were thought to be petrified snakes and were called  serpent stones ,also ammonites were once a staple diet of megalodons as many ammonites have been found with megalodons teeth fossils embedded in the ammonites ,pyrite British ammonite fossils are found on Charmouth beach Dorset  and also pyrite ammonites are found on Whitby beach north Yorkshire,  ammonites.

Another staple diet of the megalodon teeth found embedded in ammonites, ammonite fossils

british fossils ammonites

Asteroceras sp ammonite fossil

Asteroceras sp superb display fossil

from Frodingham Scunthorpe, 

Jurassic lower lias ironstone fossil ammonite,

Size of ammonite 7 inches by 7.5inches

Approx 195 million years old best 

British ammonites in the world 

Ammonite with matrix 9 inches high



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Paracoroniceras charlesi

 Paracoroniceras Charlesi

Jurassic, Lower Lias, Semicostatum Zone

Lyme Regis, Dorset, UK


A superb collectors ammonite fossil from the lower lias Dorset

Interior designers love these British ammonite fossils as they are a stunning display piece

Approximately 200 years old  

size 10.5 inch across or 206.5 mm Diameter 

approx. weight 3.8kg



Paracoroniceras charlesi ammonite fossil


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Cleoniceras Ammonite fossil

 A superb polished Cleoniceras Ammonite 

From Mahajunga Madagascar 


11.5 inch by 9-inch Cleoniceras is an involute, high-whorled hoplitid from Lower to basal Middle Albian of Europe, Madagascar, and the  

Transcaspian region.




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Goniatite ammonoid fossil


Goniatites are not easy to identify they can easily be mistaken for Ammonites,  Goniatites are in the Ammonoid family (Mollusc). 

Goniatites evolved at the same time as the Nautilus, however, they were not deemed as successful as most Nautilus; most Goniatites were extinct by the Mississippian 


350 TO 400 MYOGoniatites


SIZE 12 inch by 9 inch 



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