trilobite fossils

The trilobite fossils date from the Cambrian era, over 500 million years ago—specimens of this age found in Britain, Canada, Morocco, Spain and the United States Russia. Trilobites filled the oceans for millions of years but became extinct before the age of dinosaurs began 250 million years ago. Then came the ammonite fossil that filled the seas. British ammonite fossils are one of the best ammonites found in the world.

phacops tilobite fossil

phacops trilobite morocco

Devonian period 

Age: Devonian

Location: Morocco

Trilobites one of the earliest groups of arthropods, and some of the most successful animals of their time, roaming the oceans for over 270 million years! The name Trilobite, three lobes was given to them due to having three sections: a head, body, & tail. It is not uncommon to find whole Trilobite fossils

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phacops trilobite fossil


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british ammonites the best in the world