Heteromorph ammonite Nostoceras


Heteromorph ammonite (Nostoceras malagasyense) 

From the Tulear Province of Madagascar. Ammonites that are tightly coiled, spiral shells that keep their shape throughout their life, heteromorphs have irregularly-coiled or uncoiled shells.

Heteromorph ammonites of the Late Cretaceous (Campanian Stage)  approximately 70 million years old. They are quite uncommon and are found near Morafena. Madagascar

Heteromorph (Nostoceras


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Vascoceras sp

Vascoceras sp

Age: Cretaceous Formation: Lower Turonian 

Location: Gombe, Nigeria 

Size: 60mm 

good patternation Vascoceras sp. -nautilus found in fossiliferous limestone from the Cretaceous of Nigeria, Africa. don't see that many of these around these days

nautilus fossil


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